Four eyes principle in Next® Invoices optimized

When you process invoices in Next®, you choose the approval flows to match your business policies. Some invoices require multiple approvers, and others do not. Some invoices must be verified against individual approval limits, and others not.

One of the popular approval setups in Next®, is the Four eyes principle. 

With the Four eyes principle, Next® guarantees that (at least) two persons have seen and approved the purchase, before it is released for booking and payment.

Typically, you combine this, with Authorized approval limits, where you define a maximum invoice amount for each approver. And define, who to involve (escalate to) if an approver lacks the authorization to approve an invoice.

Until know, this check of authorization was made only for the second of the two approvers. This meant, that if the first approver was in fact fully authorized to the invoice amount, but the second was not, then the invoices approval was escalated unnecessarily.

With this optimization, the approval of the invoice is only escalated, if neither of the two approvers have the required authorization. 

An important optimization to your approval process. 

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Four eyes principle in Next® Invoices optimized


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August 2021

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