August 2022 - release

Our software lab is constantly enhancing Next® Digital Workplace.

Highlights from this release:

Modernization of the Next® UI 

Slightly more air, slightly bigger font, and slightly more uniform spacing make Next® slightly more friendly to look at. 

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No big changes. Only what it takes to keep Next® up to date 

Basic Out of office gets automatic delegation

Turning off your notifications when you are away is a no-brainer. Having your tasks automatically postponed or delegated to others is simply clever.

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helps get your tasks handled when you are out of office or on vacation 

Get your agreements signed using Docusign® 

Let Next® manage your process for creating, signing, and keeping contracts and agreements. A new optional and seamless integration with DocuSign® lets you do just that.

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manage the electronic signing of agreements directly from inside Next®

All this great new stuff, and much more, came to Next® Digital Workplace with the August 2022 release.

If you like to know more, look below for details, reach out to a local Nextway specialist, or call Help desk.

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Your Nextway team

Release details



Initial release date:



Next® - first public release 26.08.2022

Next® Companion - first public release 26.08.2022

Document Capture for Next® - first public release 26.08.2022

Next® Transformation Engine - first public release 26.08.2022