Next® adds seamless integration to electronic signatures with DocuSign®

With more than a million customers and a billion users, DocuSign is the world’s most widely used solution for signing agreements and contracts electronically.

The advantages of collecting electronic signatures compared to a manual paper-based process are obvious to anyone.

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Faster – Easier – Scalable

Many companies already store their essential agreements in Next® Enterprise archive or Next® Contracts – no matter if the signature is manual, electronic, or truly digital.

Next® already holds your essential agreements

With this new optional feature, we let you handle the entire process of collecting signatures using DocuSign and archiving the final document without leaving Next®. And with every step fully documented.


Easier, more efficient, and fully documented

The 8 easy steps to create, sign, and secure an employment agreement

  1. Create the Employment agreement in Word

  2. Archive the agreement in Next®

  3. Click Digital signature > Send Employment agreement for signature

  4. Fill out the details on who is to sign this agreement - Click Send for signature

  5. Now each party gets an email with a link from DocuSign

  6. As each party completes their signing, you can see the progress in Next®

  7. Once everyone involved have signed, the document changes status to Signed

  8. And the signed copy is automatically archived in Next®

 As easy as it gets!

I real life it looks like this:

Send the agreement for signature with only a few clicks

<Screenshot GIF with Detailed view of Emp Agreement, Digital Signature> Send as, Filling out data, and Send  >

Click Send Employment agreement for signature and tell who signs as employee and employer


The document signature templates are created in DocuSign, and used in Next®

Sign the agreement using DocuSign from absolutely anywhere

<GIF showing email, link, open DocuSign, manual signature and OK>

Click the link from DocuSign, verify the contract, then sign

DocuSign supports a myriad of signing methods, including using NemID and BankID in the Nordics.

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Stay on top of your signing process all the time

<GIF showing email signing status changing to one signed, two signed, and completed, then diagram> 

From Next® you can easily follow every step of the signing process

Not only can you follow the progress from Next®, but you may also influence it. You can ask a signer to get moving. Or cancel the process all together. 

Keep the signed agreement safe for the future

<GIF showing detailed view of contract switching from unsigned to signed with watermark > 

Once signed, both the unsigned template and the signed agreement are on record in Next®

Once the signing process is complete, the signed document is automatically transferred to Next® to be kept safely together with the complete log of what has happened and when.

Easy, Safe, and Compliant 

Questions and answers

Do you have a partnership with DocuSign?

Yes - we have developed the integration together with DocuSign who has approved it

Does your offering include the DocuSign licenses?
No – either you already have licenses for DocuSign or you have to get them

What version of DocuSign do you support? 
You can use Standard, Business or Enterprise versions of DocuSign.

Can we get DocuSign licenses from you?
No – to keep the responsibilities clear we have chosen not to be a reseller of DocuSign

Can we still use DocuSign for things that are not in Next®?
Yes – by all means do. DocuSign comes with a ton of function and features for you to explore.


The business log

When you start a document in Next® on an electronic signature process, it is logged in the the business log.

Future enhancements

We are looking to offer similar functionality for those who use other electronic signature services than DocuSign®. Let us know what you use for electronic signatures.

Additional information

Please refer to the online product guide for additional information on this feature, once it is released.

Commercial terms and conditions

Next® for electronic signatures with DocuSign® is an additional module with a separate license fee. In addition to this, you need DocuSign® licenses for everyone who is going to send documents for signing.

Any consultancy will be invoiced in addition to this.  

The Watermarks shown above require the PDF archive option in your Next®.  


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice.  



Next® adds seamless integration to electronic signatures with DocuSign®


New optional feature



Release time:

August 2022

Affected products:

Next® Contracts
Next® Enterprise Archive


Business users
Next® Admins
Next® Specialists



Responsible product manager:

Steen Munksgaard




Steen Munksgaard