December 2022 - release

We are constantly enhancing the Next® Digital Workplace.

Highlights from this release:

Process PDF forms 100% automated

If you use Adobe forms to collect data from customers or employees, Next® now makes data extraction a breeze.

Drag your 10 PDF forms to the Next® UI. Drop them to Process automatically. Done! 

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Use webhooks for smarter integration

Next® now introduces system-to-system integration using webhooks in addition to our existing REST API. 

Lightweight integration to any service in the cloud or on-prem

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Approve staff purchases automatically   

When you process your supplier invoices in Next® Invoices, you can automatically approve all staff purchases using robotics.  

Automate everything you can. Then optimize the rest.

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All this great new stuff, and much more, came to Next® Digital Workplace with the December 2022 release.

If you want more, look below for details, reach out to a local Nextway specialist, or call Help desk.

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Release details



Initial release date:



Next® - first public release 02.12.2022

Next® - corrective release 14.12.2022 (NEXT-4946)

Document Capture for Next® - first public release 02.12.2022

Next® IO - first public release 02.12.2022