Next® gets webhooks for easy and secure integration

Next® Digital Workplace is normally used integrated with business systems and personal productivity tools. Next® is made for this integration and comes with several built-in capabilities such as Document captures, REST API, URL linking, and live data connectors to databases and online services such as Salesforce Object Query Language, and OData.

And now we introduce yet another integration option - outgoing webhooks.

In short, webhooks lets Next® communicate to other systems in a standardized, secure, and lightweight manner, that something has happened in Next®.

The first webhook we have implemented in Next® is used to communicate to an external system that an automatically processed PDF form is now ready. This allows the external system to retrieve the data extracted from the PDF form at will.   

The second webhook in Next® is used as a Next® Mailroom destination. This means that documents processed by your Next® Mailroom can be distributed to any external system capable of handling incoming webhooks.

Both these webhooks provide you with the unique document ID. You'll then use the REST API to collect the actual document or its metadata. 

Webhooks are secure

When you use outgoing webhooks in Next®, the transport is always encrypted using HTTPS.

Your service can verify the connection to us with the individual signature (HMAC-SHA256), created from a shared key. 

Authentication can be done using Basic Auth, OAuth, or API keys.

Webhooks are reliable

When you use webhooks in Next®, Next® will deliver the messages asynchronously.

Even the most reliable services are sometimes unavailable. If your service is unavailable, Next® will retry later.

To avoid saturating your service, we follow an exponential back-off strategy. In the end, Next® will retry every 24 hours.

Future enhancements

In later releases you will see many new outgoing webhooks.

One obvious use would be to get some of your Next® notifications in Microsoft Teams.  

For the techies

Currently Next® supports a fixed format webhook, but later you'll be able to define the payload in details.   

Commercial terms and conditions

This new feature comes for free to to anyone with a current subscription. Any consultancy assistance needed for implementation will be invoiced in addition to this. 


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice. 



Next® gets webhooks for easy and secure integration


New feature



Release time:

December 2022

Affected products:

Next® Contracts
Next® Enterprise Archive
Next® Go
Next® Invoices
Next® Mailroom
Next® Processes





Responsible product manager:

Kim Hellum




Kim Hellum