February 2022 - release

Our software lab is constantly enhancing Next® Digital Workplace.

Highlights from this release:

Add your documents in the blink of an eye

We've made it crazy easy to add new documents to the archive. Just drag your document to a drop zone. For many document's that's all it takes.

Learn about Drag and drop to the next level and New Add document to be indexed later.

Now there is absolutely no excuses for having your work documents laying around on your desk or your pc. 

Click Reclassify, select new type, click Save

That's how easy it is to correct a mistaken archiving. Or to change a document from a being a Draft contract to a Signed contract.   

Learn more about One-click reclassify documents in Next®

Once you reclassify a document, Next® will automatically set access permissions and initiate any agreed business process.   

Find all the changes in the revised contract

You know the challenge: A new revision of a contract, an offer, or a set of T&C lands on your desk. Can you spot the changes? All the changes?

Now Next® does it for you. In only a moment. You just click Compare.    

Learn about Compare documents and revisions

Missing out on a decimal point or a single word, may prove to be fatal.

All this great new stuff, and much more, came to Next® Digital Workplace with the February 2022 release.
If you like to know more, look below for details, reach out to a local Nextway specialist, or call Help desk.

Kind regards

Your Nextway team

Release details



Initial release date:



Next® - first public release 25.02.2022

Next® - Corrective release 04.03.2022 (NEXT-4460)

Next® Transformation Engine - first public release 25.02.2022

Next® IO - first public release 21.02.2022

Next® IO - corrective release 11.03.2022 (NEXT-4317)

Next® Companion - first public release 02.03.2022


mailroom-0.481 - corrective patch 03.03.2022 (NEXT-4461)