One-click access to systems and services

If you have your customer documents stored in Next®, you probably have a folder for each of your customers. Or if not, then you have a search form that lets you find the documents for a specific customer. 

Access documents from your customer system

Hopefully, you have already integrated Next® so that you can access these relevant customer documents in Next® directly from your CRM, ERP, or KYC system. This is easy to do, has been best practice for decades. If you haven't, it's about time!

A single click on Archive brings up Next®with all the documents related to this customer 

Access customer info from your archive

Now we make it possible to go the other way. To access your CRM. ERP, or KYC system, directly from within Next®.

Your customer folder in Next® may hold some customer info - at least the customer number and customer name - but maybe also other details. But for sure not everything. Your CRM, ERP, or KYC system is responsible for that. That's why it's highly relevant to be able to get access a to the customer's information inside any of these customer systems - with a single click from the customer folder in Next®

A single click on Show customer in CRM, brings up the customer data in ALTOS CRM

It's of course equally relevant to have easy access to the supplier info, the project info, the order info, and what ever systems you have in place. This is exactly what One-click access to systems and services provides. One-click access from any folder, from any document, and from any task in Next®.

Other external services 

Easy access to Customer, Supplier, Product, and Order systems is a no brainer. But what about other external services? Direct access to see the delivery address in Google Maps? Or the track an trace information from DHL? One-click. No typing.

Internally inside Next® 

Not only external systems and services are relevant to link to. Selected in lists and views inside Next® may be equally relevant to access with a single click. 

If you, in an insurance company, are working with a single claims document, a Show all documents for this claim, may be a very helpful shortcut. Or working with a Project plan in Next®, you may need a shortcut to the complete Project folder. 

For each document, task, or folder - you may have several relevant links. The Customer folder may link both to your Customer system, Google Maps, and a credit rating service. Three individual link actions from the same place. 

Each link action may even have multiple destinations. A single Claims document may be related to several policies and customers. An account statement, may relate to two or more account holders, and an invoice may cover a handful of orders. We call these relations multi-value fields. Instead of the identifying field contains a single value, it contains multiple values. When you select such a link - Next® will present you with all the options. All the customers, account holders, or orders. You just chose the right one. 


With One-click access to systems and services, we are taking the first step into a new era. And era where Next® is much more efficient to work with. And an era where Next® will tie together your other business applications. 

For the techies

Next® comes with a handful of built-in systems and services - including the definitions needed to access Folders, Documents, and Tasks in Next®.

Over time, we will extend this library of built-in definitions of systems and services, to include the most popular business systems.

You are at all times able to configure you own systems and services, and thereby enable one-click access to any imaginable system.


Everything is configurable - what systems, what services, and what parameters they need.  

Future enhancements

The definition of the resulting URL needed to reach the linked system and service is rather clunky as of now. We will for sure refine that further.

We are also looking into making is possible to not only launch a system and its services in a new browser tab, but also include selected services directly into the UI.

Finally, we expect to be able to generate automatic links, based on our field repository, and thereby offering almost unlimited linking throughout Next®.

Commercial terms and conditions

This new feature is available at no additional cost to users with an active service plan. Any consultancy assistance will be invoiced.

In the future, selected systems and services may come with a cost. 


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice.  



One-click access to systems and services 


New feature



Release time:

February 2022

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Next® Contracts
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Next® Enterprise Archive
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Next® Mailroom


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Kim Hellum




Kim Hellum