Get in control - get notified when and how it suites you

Completely new and exciting feature coming to everyone who uses Next®, and would like to know what's happening.

If you process supplier invoices in Next®, you might want to be notified every time an invoice with your name on arrives.  Or maybe not. If you process 100 invoices a day, you might be more comfortable with a weekly summary of the ones still waiting for you.

If you handle price lists in Next®, I bet you'd like to know when someone edits your price lists. You've probably set a Watcher for that. If you only have a few, you might want to know immediately. If you have many, a daily summary is more in place. 

The same applies to every other notification in Next®. When and how depends. And only you know.

That's why we have replace our original fixed scheduled - one size fits all - notifications, with a brand new Notification setup, that puts you in control. 

Next® comes with a whole bunch of standard Notification services. Your Next® admin, setup what Notification you absolutely must have, what you may choose to get or not. And if any - what notification that are simply not relevant for you.

The rest is up to you. 

Choose the notification services that suits you

Click your Profile icon in the upper right corner to access your Notification center

Click Notifications

And Settings

Now you see a list of all the notifications that are available to you.

A list of all the Notifications that are available to you. 

For each of them, decide if it's relevant, and if you want to be notified with the green dot in your notification center, or if you need an email to get things done. 

We recommend you start of with Notification center, and add email, only if it's strictly necessary.

Silencing all your notifications

If you go away on vacation or are on sick leave, you might not want notifications to pile up in Next®. If not, then simply click Silence all notifications, and specify the date when you want the music back on. 

Click Silence all notifications, and specify for how long

Missing a Notification service? 

If there is a Notification service you would like to have, and its not in the list, check with your Next® admin. Maybe its already there, and they just didn't enable it for you. Or maybe you have come up with a requirement we didn't think off - Weekly summary of invoices due next week - could be one such a Notification service. Give us a call. Maybe it's already in the plans. Or maybe it could go there.   

Future enhancements

The possibilities with our new user managed Notification services are almost endless. Over time we are going to add many new Notification services to the library. 

In a soon to come release of Next®, you will se the Notification center implemented in the mobile app - Next® Go - as well. Getting your notifications seamlessly wherever you are - on your laptop or your mobile - that's clever. 

  1. An invoice is waiting for your approval
    Click here →.
  2. Click to view.
  3. Tap Accept.

And it's gone. 

You will notice that even if our notification emails look slightly nicer than before, they are far from perfect. In a future release, we will provide nicer looking template emails, and allow you to tailor them to your companies needs and design. 

For the techies

Notification services are either timer driven or event driven.

When someone use Ask a colleague, the Notification must arrive instantly. That Notification service is event driven. 

Monday summary of open invoices is timer driven. 

Additional information

Please refer to the online product guide for additional information on this feature, once it is released..

Commercial terms and conditions

This new feature is available at no additional cost, to users with Next®  and an active service plan.

Any consultancy assistance needed for implementation will be invoiced.


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice.  



Get in control - get notified when and how it suites you


New feature



Release time:

January 2021

Affected products:

Next® Contracts
Next® Emails
Next® Enterprise Archive
Next® Invoices
Next® Mailroom


End user



Responsible product manager:

Kim Hellum




Kim Hellum