Minor enhancements for the Next® admins and specialists, January 2022

It is no secret that the primary target of our enhancements are the business users, or end users, of Next®. Still, providing ease of use, and increased productivity to those who administrate or configure Next® also make great sense.

For this release we have collected the following minor enhancements targeted the admins and specialists:

Enhancement Issue
Enforcing Remove policy on already deleted documents NEXT-4266
If you setup a Deletion policy to secure that selected GDPR sensitive documents are Removed and not only Deleted, you may already have documents in your Next® that are 'only' deleted. These documents will stay Deleted (and not Removed) unless you run the new batch-job Remove Deleted Documents. 

One-click make a Card layout from an Item type  NEXT-4330
The new Card layouts, let us present some documents in a more detailed manner than the traditional simple list of documents allowed. Making individual Card layouts for many document types can be time consuming. That is the reason why you can use automatically generated card layouts. Sometimes these automatically generated cards are not fitting, and for those cases we now introduce the option Add from item type. It adds all fields, and lets you organize the required fields and delete the rest. 

Reduced startup time for Next®  NEXT-3186
In our ongoing efforts to make it easier to run Next®, we have managed to reduce the memory and the disk IO spent, and thereby the time it takes, to start up Next®. On large implementations of Next® this will be noticeable. It is our design criteria, that a startup of Next®, following a normal shutdown can be done in 15 minutes or less. This enhancement brings us closer to this goal. In the February '22 release the focus is to reduce the time it takes to start Next® following an abnormal shutdown.  NEXT-4319

Add a new archive to Next® without restart NEXT-4307
To make it easier to manage Next®, in an always-on environment, you can now add a new archive to a running Next®, without having to restart Next®. All the standard elements in an archive, including list views and search forms, are now created the moment you add the archive. 

Enable SSL or change certificate without restarting Next®    
In the December'21 release we added the ability to create the certificates needed to encrypt your data in transit. To make it even easier to run your Next® securely, you may now enable SSL, or change the certificate used for SSL encryption, without having to restart Next®. It is highly recommended to run SSL encryption, even when you run Next® on your internal network. If you do not, Next® will notify the Next® Security Council, that Next® is insecure.  


Set the required TLS level for secure connection to LDAP servers NEXT-4158
When you in Administration > User Management, set up the connection to an LDAP server, you may now specify the minimum acceptable level of encryption. Currently Next® suggests TLSv1.2, but you may override that.  

The new Next® Transformation Engine gets better reporting  NEXT-4170
When you upgrade to the new Next® Transformation Engine, it automatically enrolls with Heart beats to Next®.  In Administration > System Setup > Health checks, you can easily get an overview of the active components. At the same time, Next® Transformation Engine is enhanced with Prometheus compliant metrics. This will allow us (and you) to report system performance using for example Grafana or Azure Monitor. Another step in our journey towards Azure Kubernetes Services.  NEXT-4163

Next® Companion is able to run on systems without access to Windows command line NEXT-4389
Some organizations choose to restrict users access to the Windows command line. The Next® Companion no longer needs access to cmd.exe to function, and hence works also in these environments.  

Roles based permissions extended to support multiple relations on the same document   NEXT-4315
You can now use Dynamic Permission processing to assign access to multiple persons with the same role but for different entities. If for example an invoice is allocated to 3 different cost centers (10, 20, and 30), then all the 3 people having the role Cost Center Responsible for these are granted access.  

Assignment services enhanced with meaningful business log entries  NEXT-4309
The Assignment Services you use in Assignment Policies, can now specify their own detailed and meaningful business log entries. This makes it much easier to document why any given documents was processed as it was. 

Involve a colleague now lets you pause the task NEXT-4354
The feature previously known as Notify a colleague (on a document) is now called Involve a colleague to avoid confusion with the notifications we know from the Notification center. Involve a colleague was originally intended for short duration collaboration around a document. As some are now using it for more long running ad hoc collaboration, a need to pause the assigned task has emerged. Now you can choose to put such a task on hold.   

Ask a colleague made easier to manage NEXT-4306
You can now modify the setup of Ask a colleague and see the effect without restarting Next®. The sub-process handling the questions asked may now be terminated as the business administrator is set. NEXT-4311

Filename extractor with or without extension NEXT-4304
When you setup Next®, you have a data extractor that can give you the file name of any file associated with an item. This extractor can now return either the full name including the file type extension or only the file name itself. If you wish to use the file name as default for a document description, you probably do not want the .DOCX or .PDF extension.   

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These new features and enhancements are available at no additional cost, to users with an active service plan. Any consultancy assistance will be invoiced.


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice.



Minor enhancements for the Next® admins and specialists 


Enhanced features



Release time:

January 2022

Affected products:

Next® Bank Statements
Next® Contracts
Next® Emails
Next® Enterprise Archive
Next® ExCustody
Next® Invoices
Next® Mailroom
Next® Processes





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Kim Hellum




Kim Hellum