One-click make a new copy of a document in Next®

A smart new feature that makes it even easier to make new documents in Next®.

We already have Edit a new copy of a document that allows you to 

  • Create a new Employment contract based on the authorized template
  • Create a new Customer offer based on the most recent one 
  • Create a partial copy of a Purchase contract for the warehouse staff 
  • Create a sharable edition of a Customer health record for an external specialist doctor

and immediately start editing the new document.

Now we add Make a new copy of a document for the use-cases where you do not want to edit the resulting document - at least not right away.

Find the document (or template) you want to use. Instead of Edit, click arrow down, and select Make a new copy.

From the Documents list view

Make a new copy, lets you easily create new documents without editing them right away

Next® will now ask you for the document details for the new document:
- the document type and the required metadata. And suggests you the values from the original.

From a Document view

You have the same new feature from the Document detailed view.

Specialized use cases 

The general feature - to Make a new copy of a document - can be used for many different purposes. Maybe you use it for making individual quotes from a template quote. Instead of expecting your end users to figure out by themselves, that the way you make an individual quote, is by copying the template, we recommend that you set up separately named actions for such uses. An action called Make an individualized quote is much easier to understand and to use.   

Future enhancements

In a an upcoming release of Next®, you will be able to do some very basic reduction of the document, when you Make a new copy (or Edit a new copy). If the document you copy is a PDF, and there is only one file selected, you can choose to Exclude or Include page (defined in your setup).

  • Exclude pages: e.g. 1-5, 8, 11-13
  • Include pages: e.g. 1-5, 8, 11-13

Also, we will be able to freely group, name, and iconize our Edit actions.

Additional information

Please refer to the online product guide for additional information on this feature, once it is released.

Commercial terms and conditions

This new feature is available at no additional cost, to users with a license for Quick-edit of Office documents and Quick-edit PDFs - and an active service plan.

Any consultancy assistance will be invoiced.


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice.  



One-click make a new copy of a document in Next®


New feature



Release time:

January 2022

Affected products:

Next® Contracts
Next® Emails
Next® Enterprise Archive
Next® Invoices
Next® Mailroom


Next® users



Responsible product manager:

Kim Hellum




Kim Hellum