Self-learning delegations for increased efficiency

Efficiency goes hand in hand with structure and automation. 

Self-learning delegations is an excellent example of that.

Structured and well-documented business processes are a blessing for any organization. That is why we recommend to implement your important business processes using Next® and our BPMN-based approach. 

One such process could be the reception, approval, booking, and payment of purchase invoices related to customer projects.

Having these processes automatically controlled by live data from your business systems - for example who is the current project manager - makes everything more efficient and secure.

With Self-learning delegations we take this one step further.

Your ERP system may know that Adria Leon is the current project manager and hence automatically tell Next® to route all the invoices related to this project to him. But, what if Adria Leon has delegated responsibility for a given sub-task to Benedict Wade? Should Adria Leon then, invoice after invoice, delegate the approval of each invoice to him? No. Not anymore. 

If your process has an assignment policy in place that allows for self-learning, Next® will ask Adria Leon when he delegates, if this is something to learn from.

Adria delegates to Benedict, tells why, and asks Next® to remember for the future

If he confirms, Next® is fast learner. Already the next invoice related to this sub-task, is automatically routed directly to Benedict Wade. And, the business log will reveal that it happened because Next® learned from Adria Leon, that for this sub-task, this is the right approver. 

Important to unlearn 

Not only can Next® learn from you delegations. You can also ask Next® to unlearn or forget. Quite important and something often left out in self-learning solutions.

One size does not fit all

Companies are not the same, and hence they do not have the same requirement. Some companies have everything structured 100% by data in their business systems. Others have very little data driven structure. Most companies have something in between.

With Self-learning delegations we can cater better for those companies who insist on control and structure, but who cannot allow them self to be tied down in master data maintenance.

The current Self-learning delegations are capable of learning new tricks based on supplier, project, task, or sub-task. What you then allow Next® to learn by it-self, is all up to you, and the way you setup Next®. 

Future enhancements

We will over time develop a multitude of Self-learning delegations - also for other uses than supplier invoices. If you have specific needs - let us know.

Also, in a later release, we will offer Smart suggestions for delegations, where Next® learns from your habits instead of allowing you dictate new learnings.

For the techies

Additional information

Please refer to the online product guide for additional information on this feature, once it is released.

Learn about our Smart assignment policies.

Commercial terms and conditions

The new feature Self-learning delegations is a separately priced extension to Next® Invoices, Next® Contracts and Next® Processes.

Any consultancy assistance will be invoiced in addition.


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice.



Self-learning delegations for increased efficiency


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January 2022

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