Fully adaptive form makes decentralized coding of invoices easier

With Next® Invoices many organization chooses to involve people outside Accounts Payable in the coding of supplier invoices. Most often the project owner knows better than anyone else what project, sub project, and task a given purchase is related to. And also the head of the department knows how a cost should be allocated in their books. 

To make this possible Next® comes with a clever Invoice Coding Form with automatic suggestions, instant validation and lookup into your company chart of accounts including dimensions. And, in addition to that, the option of setting up personalized charts of accounts to shield you from the complexity of the overall chart of account.


Flexible coding of invoices in Next®

there is always room for improvement

Still, there is always room for improvement. That's why we now make the Invoice Coding Form fully adaptable.

Not all accounts are born equal. Some comes with many dimensional values, and others with few or none at all. 

Previously the coding form reflected these different setups by displaying the right labels and disabling all irrelevant fields for input. 

Irrelevant fields are grayed out and blocked for input

With the Fully adaptable form, we take this one step further

Only relevant fields are shown

You may think of this as a minor improvement. But trust me, to the person with no interest in accounting, except setting the right project ID for their cost invoices, will experience a huge usability improvement. 

Less unnecessary mental workload will help get the job done faster, reduce errors, and ease the acceptance of the solution in the organization


helps get the job done faster, reduces errors, and eases the acceptance of the solution 


Future enhancements

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Fully adaptive form makes decentralized coding of invoices easier


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July 2022

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Next® Invoices


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Jørn M Christensen




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