June 2022 - release

Our software lab is constantly enhancing Next® Digital Workplace.

Highlights from this release:

Next® sets new record in document capture performance

When we in a single release of Next® are able to improve the performance on our reference implementation in Azure from 2,3 million to 3 million documents per hour, then we are happy and proud.  

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Next® - from a capacity point of view - is futureproof 

Next® for Salesforce™ - now on mobile

If you visit your customers with Salesforce on your mobile, Next® Enterprise archive for Salesforce™ gives you access to any document in the company. 

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Next® lets you bring millions of up-to-date documents in your back pocket. 

Next® adds support for multiple concurrent IDPs

Almost all companies today have a hybrid setup with some solutions on-premises and others in the cloud. Or more precisely in several different clouds. Supporting multiple IDPs help you run such a setup easily and securely. 

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With Next® Enterprise Single Sign On, the end user gets a completely seamless experience

All this great new stuff, and much more, came to Next® Digital Workplace with the June 2022 release.

If you like to know more, look below for details, reach out to a local Nextway specialist, or call Help desk.

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Release details



Initial release date:



Next® - first public release 10.06.2022

Next® - corrective release 27.06.2022 (NEXT-4691)

Next® IO - first public release 08.06.2022

Next® Companion - first public release 23.06.2022