Better experience when you have many actions available

Next® Digital Workplace is constantly enhanced with new features. Even if we try hard to keep the UI clean and easy to use, we sometimes get into a situation where the available actions do not fit into the available space in UI.

That's  why we now introduce Show remaining actions. If the available actions will not fit into the current Action ribbon, then a 3-dot menu appears at the end of the ribbon. 

Click the 3-dot menu to see the remaining actions 


If you have actions available that you never use, you should reach out to your Next® Administrator. They are able to tailor your UI, and a clean UI with only the relevant options is just easier and more efficient to use.   

If you need all the options available to you, you may consider to switching to compact icons.

Click your Profile, Settings and Appearance  

For many though, the compact actions are too small. You can try using Ctrl and + to zoom in your browser.

Otherwise just enjoy that the new 3-dot menu lets you access the remaining actions easily.   

Future enhancements

To make it easier to find this and other new features we will implement extended tool tips throughout Next®. If you have suggestions to areas or features e should prioritize, let us know.

Commercial terms and conditions

This new feature is available at no additional cost, to users with an active service plan. Any consultancy assistance will be invoiced.


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice.  



Better experience when you have many actions available


New features



Release time:

June 2022

Affected products:

Next® Contracts
Next® Emails
Next® Enterprise Archive
Next® Invoices
Next® Mailroom


Next® users



Responsible product manager:

Kim Hellum




Kim Hellum