May 2022 - release

Our software lab is constantly enhancing Next® Digital Workplace.

Highlights from this release:

Next®  cranks up security on the web

Protecting your documents and processes is always important to us. That is why we have once more cranked up the security on our Next® as a Service. And made it possible for you to do with your Next® Run by You.  Learn more

Next® will keep you safe, but only if you keep your Next® up to date! 

Drag'n'Drop - as easy as it gets

Drag an email from Outlook and drop it into Next®. Click Add. That's it!  Next® automatically extracts Subject, From, To, and CC.  

Drag a Word document into Next® Click Add. That's it! Next® automatically use the filename as Subject and stets you as Author. Learn more 

Adding documents to Next® as easy as never before! 

Next® Invoices keeps getting smarter

Smart-suggestions, that helps you code purchase invoices faster by learning from you, just got way more clever. Now it also help you code complex invoices. Learn more

A massive time saver, for those who code complex purchase invoices in Next®

All this great new stuff, and much more, came to Next® Digital Workplace with the May 2022 release.

If you like to know more, look below for details, reach out to a local Nextway specialist, or call Help desk.

Kind regards

Your Nextway team

Release details



Initial release date:



Next® - first public release 06.05.2022

Next® - corrective release 09.05.2022 (NEXT-4592, NEXT-4595)

Next® - corrective release 11.05.2022 (NEXT-4600, NEXT-4598)

Next® - corrective release 01.06.2022 (NEXT-4639)

Next® - corrective release 02.06.2022 (NEXT-4640)

Next® Transformation Engine - first public release 06.05.2022

Next® Transformation Engine - corrective release 01.06.2022 (NEXT-4632)

Document Capture for Next® - first public release 06.05.2022

Next® Add-in for MS Office - first public release 16.05.2022

Next® for Invoices, ASPECT4-0.409 - corrective patch 19.05.2022 (NEXT-4614)