Smart-suggestions finetuned for coding of more complex invoices

In Next® Invoices, Smart-suggestions helps you code purchase invoices faster, by suggesting you how to code the invoice based on what it learns from you. How you previously coded invoices from this specific vendor.

While this is highly appreciated by many users, we also had the feedback that there was room for improvement.

Especially when an invoice leads to several postings towards different accounts or dimensional values. 

That's why we now finetune Smart-suggestions. In addition to suggesting the initial posting for an invoice,  if you make a posting for a part of the invoice amount, then Next® will make new suggestions for the remaining amount. Right until the entire invoice amount is allocated.

Next® now suggests how to code the rest.

If you are handling large volumes of invoices with complex coding, then this is a major timesaver. 

A massive time saver, for those who code complex purchase invoices in Next®


Future enhancements

In this area, you can expect more enhancements. Soon you will see Invoice Coding Templates coming to Next® Invoices.  

For the techies

Commercial terms and conditions

This enhanced feature is available, at no additional cost, to users with a Smart-suggestions and an active service plan. Any consultancy assistance will be invoiced.


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice.  



Smart-suggestions finetuned for coding of more complex invoices


Enhanced features



Release time:

May 2022

Affected products:

Next® Invoices


Next® users



Responsible product manager:

Jørn M Christensen




Kim Hellum