Minor enhancements for the people using Next®, November 2020

We are happy to flag every new and enhanced feature in Next® with its own release note. Still, some of the enhancements are relevant to only a select few, and those we collect in this list for documentation.

For this release we have collected the following minor enhancements targeted the admins and end user:

Enhancement Issue
Remembers sort preference in activity tap  NEXT-3426

When you change the sort setting in the document's activity log or view log - from newest first, to oldest first - Next® will now remember your preference. 

All contracts listed in a table view is now also logged as viewed by you
Whenever you link an email to a contract inside Next® Contracts, you can do so by choosing the relevant contract from a list of all available contracts. If you have Next® Extended Logging in place, each contract in this list will be logged as viewed (listed) by you.  


E-mail decryption Match conditions are now case-insesitive  NEXT-3601

To make it easier to match for example email addresses, Next® no longer distinguish between upper and lower case letters. ABC@GMAIL.COM equals abc@gmail.com.

Improved validation  NEXT-3550

Next® Invoices does no longer accepts that you enter an account number that is not listed in your personal charter of accounts. 

For the techies

Not so much here for the technically interested. 

Additional information

For additional information , please refer to the online documentation.

Commercial terms and conditions

These enhancements are available at no additional cost, to users with an active service plan. Any consultancy assistance will be invoiced.


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice.



Minor enhancements for the people using Next®


Enhanced features



Release time:

November 2020

Affected products:

Next® Bank Statements
Next® Contracts
Next® Emails
Next® Enterprise Archive
Next® ExCustody
Next® Invoices
Next® Mailroom
Next® Processes


End user 



Responsible product manager:

Kim Hellum




Kim Hellum