Next® Mailroom Lite replaces Scan to Next® for smooth capture of documents in your office environment

If you archive millions of documents and emails from customers and partners in your Next®, you probably use our highly advanced Next® Mailroom to do so.

Mailroom uses AI, rules, and robotics to make things happen

For many companies, the advanced automation features of Next® Mailroom seem like overkill. For that reason we introduced the extension Scan to Next®. A highly standardized consultancy setup that allows you to easily capture documents that need to go into your enterprise archive - directly from your scanners, multi-function printers, shared mailboxes, shared network drives, and personal desktops. 

Scan to Next® has now gained so much popularity that we have made it into an official, optional product feature under the name Next® Mailroom Lite.

Mailroom Lite is somewhat more manual, but still a huge timesaver

Mailroom Lite is somewhat more manual, but still a huge timesaver

For the everyday user of Scan to Next® there will be little or no difference, here and now. For each document it captures, Next® still automatically generates a task for you to provide whatever information that is missing to archive the document permanently. Fully validated. And, nothing missed. 

As an existing customer, the status as an official product means that smart new features will come automatically in the near future. And, for newcomers to Next® Mailroom Lite, it's a completely different ball game. Almost nothing to setup - everything comes as built-in configurations in Next® - ready to use.

For those customers who have neither Next® Mailroom nor Mailroom Lite, Next® still has valuable help to offer right out of the box. The feature "Index later", that allows you to drag and drop documents from your computer into Next® - without being asked for index information - has also become a built-in standard feature. Ready to use for anyone. 


"Index later" comes for free, get started now!

It has never been easier to get started with smooth and easy document capture in your office environment. Clever drag and drop of documents - indexed at once, or later - is there for free. 

If your ambitions are slightly higher - try out Next® Mailroom Lite. A Nextway consultant can set it up for you in almost no time. 

And, when you get really ambitious - upgrade to Next® Mailroom, Full edition, and get blown away. We have customers who process millions of emails each year with 94% automation and 99.999% reliability.  Unprecedented! 

Future enhancements

To be announced.

For the techies

Mailroom Lite comes as a packaged solution, consisting of several Next® products and technologies:

  • Next® Document Capture: for capturing documents from designated folders to Next®
  • Next® IO: a Next® technology framework for capturing scanned documents from mailboxes as well as running OCR and PDF processing
  • Next® Mailroom: for automating the classification of incoming documents

Commercial terms and conditions

The feature Index later is available at no additional cost to users with Next® Enterprise Archive or Next® Contracts.

The feature Next® Mailroom Lite and the product Next® Mailroom both come with separate subscription fees. 

Any consultancy required is invoiced separately.


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice. 



Next® Mailroom Lite replaces Scan to Next® for smooth capture of documents in your office environment


Enhanced feature



Release time:

November 2022

Affected products:

Next® Contracts
Next® Mailroom
Next® Enterprise archive


Next® specialists
Next® users



Responsible product manager:

Kim Hellum




Kim Hellum