Task automation brings robotics to Next® Invoices

Next® Invoices - and the other Next® products that rely heavily on standardized and structured business processes - got a major flexibility boost with Task assignment policies. Now, they get an even bigger boost in productivity and efficiency with Task automation. 

Next® Invoices comes with a suite of standard processes that are developed based on best practice from decades of implementations. Each of the these processes - for example the 4-eyes approval of a cost invoice, with individual approval limits - come with their own logic describing exactly what tasks are to be performed. And, with escalation procedures in place in case a person's approval limit is exceeded.

Exactly who is to perform each of the tasks in the process, is fully configurable in order to meet individual organization's requirements. This is the role of the Task assignment policy - to guide the automatic task assignment robot. 

Now we add the same flexibility to the actual processing of tasks.

Company rules may dictate that all invoices related to a project are approved both by the purchaser and the person responsible for the customer project. One of these projects could be "Miscellaneous internal tasks", and the CFO may be tagged as responsible. Instead of verifying each individual invoice of, say €20, or less, they may choose to rely on budget control and random checks. Task automation can then be used to approve invoices below €20 for this project automatically - provided they come from a select handful of trusted suppliers. 

The business log will still show that the invoices were approved by the CFO, and that it happened automatically using Task automation.


Bendict Wade  Approved invoice automatically
                        Automation:  Small invoices for internal project
                        Amount: 8,00 

As approver, you also get a notification when the Task automation robot does something on your behalf.

Next® automatically approved an invoice for you
€ 8,00 from Vedal Refurbishment Ltd.
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If you have, many of these, you'll probably opt for the daily or weekly summary instead.

Next® has automatically approved 15 invoices for you
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This major enhancement to Next® will be derived in phases over several releases. 

The December release will come with predefined and built-in configurations that allow you to streamline purchases made by your staff for private use. That is, if your current standard procedure requires a 4-eyes approval, you may now enable "Automatic approval of staff purchases", and have Next® do the second approval automatically. Before doing so, you will have to tell how Next® can recognize staff purchases - typically from  the account used.       

Future enhancements

Task automation applies to all Next® products

First of all, Task automation is not limited to Next® Invoices. Task automation applies to all Next® products that involves processes. You will over the next many releases see several built-in Task automation policies that allow you to enable robotics for your processes. 

In a soon to come release of Next® we will introduce a new optional feature - Personal automations.

If your company rules says that you have to approve the invoices for an online news service, you'll be getting identical invoices each month or quarter. With personal automation, you can tell Next® to approve these invoices for you, automatically. Provided that the amount is as expected, that you only get one this month, and only until end of the year. 


Supplier     is     Medium Limited
Amount     is     45,00 GBP
First time this month
Until                  31.12.22

You can see Personal automation as your own little robotic helper

For the techies

This is a dramatic enhancement to our use of BPMN workflows. It is imperative that we don't push business process logic into our Automatic action services. The actual business process as described in BPMN must still document the business process - just with the ability to automate certain actions.  

In the initial release Task automation is a technology preview feature. To get access you will need to reach out to Software Engineering.  

For now, the actions we can automate are: Accept, Accept with comment, Postpone, and Delegate. Others will follow.  

Commercial terms and conditions

This new feature - Task automation - is available at no additional cost to users with Next® Invoices and an active service plan. Personal task automation, and Task automation for other products than Next® Invoices will come with a sperate subscription fee. 

Any consultancy required is invoiced separately.


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice.  



Task automation brings robotics to Next® Invoices


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November 2022

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