Extended collaboration becomes smarter

If you work structured with documents where you periodically create and release new editions in a controlled manner, you'll benefit from using the Next® Extended Collaboration features. 

Some of the relevant use cases are:

  • Updating the Internal policy on email use 
  • Making a new edition of a Product price list
  • Jointly answering an RFI/RFP in a tender process
  • Creating a new version of a CAD project
  • Making the next issue of a magazine in InDesign

In all of these cases you'd like to be able to work undisturbed on a new version, and decide for yourself, when it is time for it to become available to the general public.

In Next® you do that by checking out the document, making your changes, and then checking the document back in. 

Collaboration policies

Next® Extended Collaboration lets you define Collaboration policies, and thereby control how each type of document is to be processed.

Correspondence with customers, partners, and suppliers may be edited easily with Quick-edit. Very often, only a single person is involved when you write to a customer.

Price lists and Internal policies, may be handled slightly different. Maybe you require them to be checked out - and checked back in again once finalized. The check-out will allow you to work with the document for a period of time, without affecting others. And, without the risk of others making conflicting updates. While checked out, the document is still in Next®. The only difference is that the work in progress is only visible to your self.

Complex projects in AutoCAD, InDesign, or Premier Pro very often require a very structured process with check-out and check-in. Maybe even working 'off-site' where the actual project work is done in a dedicated environment. This way, everyone else can keep using the original results, while the contributors are working on creating the next version. 

Download and Replace

Previously we only considered Quick-edit document to be a part of the collaboration, but now Next® also supports if you prefer to work offline with Download and Replace.

Mandatory check-out

Previously, check-out/check-in was an option Next® offered the end user. Now you can setup, that for a specific Collaboration policy (selected documents), using Check-out/check-in is no longer an option, but a requirement. If you then try to Edit (or Download) a document with an active Collaboration Policy saying that check-out is required - Next® will tell you so. 

If checkout is required - you can't just Edit

Letting others know

Whenever you check out a document, others will not see your changes until you check the document back in. 

Still, others will know that you are working on a checked out version. 

In the list if documents an icon an a fly-over tells. In the document view, a yellow note shows the details. 


As others will not see your changes until you check the document back in, it is important that you do so as soon as possible.  

If you edit documents using our Office add-ins, Next® will ask you if you want to check in when you have saved a document.

If you edit using Quick-edit, you'll have to remember it your self.  

Future enhancements

In a future release of Next®, we will add to new Notifications:  

  • Your checked out documents
  • Your checked out documents, weekly summary

Example notification e-mail:

Hi Adria

Going through your documents in Next® we found 2 documents marked as checked out.
Until you check in the documents, no one else can see your changes, or work with the documents. 
Please go through the list and check in the ones you have finalized.

Project plan: Hüttinger Berge stage II
Meeting minutes: Hüttinger Berge Stage II, steering group meeting week 42

You are this notification by email because of your Notification settings in Next® 

Best regards

Your Next® Helpdesk team

In a later release, Next®, will allow you to check out the document just by clicking Edit, and confirming that you would like the document to be checked out. 

For the techies

A document that is checked out is still managed completely by Next®. Only if you choose to Download the document, Next® is no longer in control, until you Replace the document with a new revision. 

Be aware that this enhancement potentially makes it necessary to check out a document, that you previously was able to edit directly. 

Additional information

Please refer to the online product guide for additional information on this feature, once it is released.

Commercial terms and conditions

These new features are part of Next® Extended Collaboration, and available at no additional cost, to users with a subscription to this extension.

Any consultancy assistance needed for implementation will be invoiced.


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice.  



Extended collaboration becomes smarter


Enhanced feature



Release time:

October 2021

Affected products:

Next® Contracts
Next® Emails
Next® Enterprise Archive
Next® Invoices
Next® Mailroom


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Responsible product manager:

Kim Hellum




Kim Hellum