Next® as a Service gets sandboxes and system availability page

Those of our customer who have opted for Next® as a Service - our Azure based cloud offering - now gets a handful of enhancements in addition to the many new features in Next® itself.

  • Sandbox included in your subscription

  • Preview option for sandboxes

  • Easy login from
  • Up to date system availability page

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Sandbox included in your subscription

As a matter of precaution, we always recommend that you, in addition to running your Next® production environment, also have a separate environment to test out new releases and also the setup of major new features. In Next® as a Service - our cloud offering in Azure - this comes as a sandbox environment.

The sandbox environment is automatically kept up to date just as your production environment. 

The sandbox comes with some restrictions:

  • Cannot be used for production
  • May only be accessed by 10% of the licensed users
  • May only contain 10% of the data in your production environment
  • Runs on overcommitted hardware
  • Is not covered by mirroring and backup
  • Any data and configurations you have in your sandbox environments are of course your own responsibility.

This first sandbox comes included with your subscription. Additional sandbox environments come with a cost.

Preview option for sandboxes

If you mark your sandbox as "Release preview", it will get new all Next® releases 4 weeks ahead of the production environment. This is highly recommended, especially if you have complex integrations or advanced customizations, as it allows you to identify and resolve any challenges before they hit your production environment.   

Easy login from

As more and more of our customers opt for Next® as a Service, it is time for it to have a more prominent position at our website -

Now you can log in to from

Everyday users of Next® will probably still use their direct link, but now they have the option to log in from our website.  

Up to date system availability page

From the same place, you now have access to our System Status. is constantly monitored from 6 different locations

Availability to is constantly monitored from 6 different locations in the world, and reported live in the above chart. If you are experiencing an out of service from a region, and the chart is yellow or red, you can rest assure that we are already looking into it. If however the status is green, and you still experience problems reaching us, we may have an issue that is not yet known. In that case please contact us.  

Business log:

Future enhancements

We are constantly adding new functionality and services to our 

For the techies

Commercial terms and conditions

This new feature is available at no additional cost, to users with an active service plan. Any consultancy assistance will be invoiced.   


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice.  



Next® as a Service gets sandboxes and system availability page  


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September 2022

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Kim Hellum




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