Universal tagging for all documents in Next®

Finding relevant documents in Next® can be done in myriad of ways depending on your specific use case.

Some always get to their documents in Next® with a click from inside SAP or Dynamics 365.

Others, work out of Salesforce, and see their customer's documents in there. Even if they are actually stored in Next®.

Some work with structured customer or project folders directly in Next® and have little use for searching across the entire archive. 

In the same organization some may dislike working in folder structures, and prefer to search for the structured metadata as Customer numbers, Invoice numbers, and Dates. 

Others again are depending heavily on our Google-like full text search, that allows you to locate an email in a customer folder, based on words and phrases used in an attached Word, Excel, or PDF document. No two use cases are the same, but Next® can serve them all.

No two use cases are the same, but Next® serves them all

In addition to the structured metadata you already have associated with your documents - the Document type, the Customer number, the Project number, and the Creation date to name a few - we now add a universal Document tag to all documents in Next®.

A new action "Tag document", lets you tag your document with whatever words or tags you believe will make it easier for you to find it again.

<Screenshot, set tags>

If you tag the document with "criminal", then for sure it stands out

Any words you tag your document with, can be used when you search for documents in either the Search tab, or the default Google-like search at the top of every document list in Next®.

<Screen shot, search for tag generic>

Not many documents contain "criminal", so even a Google-like search will find it easily 



If the specific Document tag you are trying to locate is a commonly used word - for example "environment" -  you may get too many hits with a Google-like search. Then just choose a search form where the Document tags are a dedicated search option - this will limit the hits to the documents that a actually tagged with "environment". 

<Screen shot, search for tag in own field>

Many documents contain the word "environment", but only a few have is as a tag  

How you wish to utilize document tagging in your company is entirely up to you. Again, no two use cases are the same. 

When you get Easy document tagging, it is out-of-the-box set up so that it is available to everyone, on all document types, and allowing you to use any imaginable word as a tag. 

You may wish to restrict the use of documents tags in you company. And you can do so.

Some have a list of authorized tags

Some prefer to have a curated list of authorized tags to choose from. Others prefer to let creativity blossom.

If you allow people to come up with their own tags, you decide if these are to be one-off tags or if they are automatically added to the shared list of tags. The choice is yours.   

More advance features

Next® already has dedicated and separate built-in tags for Confidentiality and GDPR classification. Also many customers have already made their own tags for more specialized uses. This new universal document tag comes in addition to those tags. And, should you have the need for other dedicated tags - Product category, Color code, Focus area, or whatever, it is still easy to add new tag or Multi select field to one or more document types. 

Business log:

Adria Leon tagged the document  

Future enhancements

In this initial release, everyone gets to add their suggestion to the list of tags. In a soon to come release, you will be able to set up if you wish for this to be the case, or you wish the list of tags to be centrally managed. 

In a later release, you will be able to set tags in Next® Go.

Except for some UI beautification to make the tagging even smarter, we have no planned enhancements.  

For the techies

Everything needed for universal tagging comes built-in and enabled. 

Commercial terms and conditions

This new feature is available at no additional cost, to users with an active service plan. Any consultancy assistance will be invoiced.   


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice.  



Universal tagging for all documents in Next® 


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September 2022

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Next® Contracts
Next® Enterprise Archive
Next® Go
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Kim Hellum




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