Next® Enterprise archive for Salesforce™

New functionality for customers using Salesforce together with Next® Enterprise archive.

Especially in the insurance industry we see an increasing number of companies implementing Salesforce for customer engagement. Salesforce is typically implemented on top of the Policy Administration Systems, with Next® Enterprise supporting both.

Salesforce typically serves several systems. Next® Enterprise archive is the same. Both eliminating organizational silos.

The Next® Enterprise archive for Salesforce makes it easy to include in Next® content in the Salesforce experience, and to push content created or captured in Salesforce into the Enterprise Archive.    

The end user gets a completely seamless experience. 

Documents from Next® Enterprise archive are seamlessly available inside Salesforce

No one in their right mind would store 25 million documents in Salesforce, and keep them there for decades.
Still, anyone would love to have seamless access to them from inside Salesforce 

For the techies

The Next® Enterprise Archive connector supports any combination of documents originating in Next® and Salesforce. 

With Next® Enterprise Single Sign on in place you can achieve a seamless and secure user experience no matter if you use Salesforce or Azure AD as your identity provider. 

Next® comes with a new configurable Lightning component, that allows you to connect Next® Enterprise Archive to any component in Salesforce.

  • Account

  • Contact

  • Claim

You configure each instance of Next® so that it only shows the list of documents that are relevant in this exact context. 

The Next® document viewer, presents even complex documents such as emails with embedded and attached files.

Future enhancements

What we are releasing with the Next® December'21 release is a technology preview. This means that while we have secure and fully operational functionality, we do not yet have production quality code and deliveries.   

We have developed this initial release of Next® for Salesforce together with Salesforce specialists Ceili Oy from Finland. We expect the first real-life use cases to reveal several new requirements. 

On our current wish list is:

  • Even easier and more flexible mapping of data between Salesforce an Next®.
  • Support for uploading a local document directly to Next® from the Salesforce UI without the need to store it in Salesforce. 
  • Standard support for distributing documents from Next® Mailroom into Salesforce (Scenario #5 and #6 in the above illustration) 

On the strategic horizon is:

  • Support for additional Next® components - for example Next® Processes.
  • A native Salesforce lighting component viewer 


Commercial terms and conditions

This new optional feature is available for an additional subscription fee to everyone with an active service plan. 

Any consultancy assistance needed for implementation will be invoiced separately


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice.  



Next® Enterprise archive for Salesforce™


New feature


In planning

Release time:

December 2021

Affected products:

Next® Enterprise Archive


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Responsible product manager:

Kim Hellum




Kim Hellum