Invoice Coding Templates, make coding of complex or recurring cost a breeze

If you process purchase invoices with detailed coding, you hopefully already enjoy the Next® Smart-suggestions. With Invoice Coding Templates, we make your job even easier and you more productive. 

Invoice Coding Templates, let you define and name simple and complex rules for repetitive coding of invoices. And during coding, simply refer to a named template instead of making the coding your self. 


  • All the invoices for online magazines have to go to Staff cost, no VAT.
  • The monthly electricity bill has do be distributed with 80% to Production costs, and 20% to Admin costs
  • The semiannual bill from the garden service, has to be distributed in to six months, and booked towards 8 tenants based on their individual square meters.   

And once you have selected a template, Next® will automatically suggest you to use the same the next time.


Update with suggestion including a template. 

If you only have simple and straightforward coding of your invoices, you will find Invoice Coding Templates helpful and time saving. 

If you have complex distribution of cost, as you find it in property management and many other businesses, you will experience Invoice Coding Templates as life changing! Not only will they save you tons of manual work, but also eliminate the many and otherwise unavoidable errors.   

For the techies

Commercial terms and conditions

Basic Invoice Coding Templates are available for free to anyone with a license to Next® Invoices and an active service plan. If you have the need for complex Invoices Coding Templates, they come with a minor addition subscription fee, but nothing compared to the saving you will encounter. Any consultancy assistance will be invoiced separately.


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice.  



Invoice Coding Templates, make coding of complex or recurring cost a breeze


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May 2023

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