Better handling of large videos in Next®

Important enhancement for those who work with bigger video files in Next®. 

With this new optional enhancement, Next® will stream your videos more efficiently and allow you better control.

Until now, Next® has streamed your video from start to end. While this allows you to watch the video without downloading the entire video, it does not allow you to skip or repeat sections randomly. 

With this enhancement, Next® will allow you to skip sections, and reposition the player randomly, without waiting for the entire video to download. 

This makes Next® easier to use, and is especially relevant now the original 2 giga byte limitation on maximum files size is removed. 

Future enhancements

No enhancement planned.

For the techies

The Next® Storage Engine is fully streamable, and even before this enhancement, only the bytes show, are downloaded.  

When you store an MP4 video, Next® automatically generates a m3u8 index with logical segments of the video. When the HTML5 video player (video.js) reads the index, it allows the user to navigate the stream using these segments.   

Next® does not create new representations of your video for different resolutions. That's why Next® does not support adaptive streaming, where the video quality depends on your connection to Next®.

HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

If you upload a MOV file, Next® will convert it to a MP4 representation.

Commercial terms and conditions

This enhancement is available at no additional cost to everyone with a license to Next® Enterprise Archive Media extension, and an active service plan. The Media extension comes with a subscription fee.

Any consultancy assistance needed for implementation will be invoiced.


Despite our best efforts, we may be forced to change both content and expected delivery of future product updates without notice.  



Better handling of large videos in Next®


Optional enhanced feature


In planning

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Next® Enterprise Archive


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Kim Hellum




Kim Hellum