Repeat events with notifications in Next®

Major productivity enhancement for those who use Next® for handling recurring tasks with automatic notifications.

In many companies, scheduled events and tasks reoccur over the course of a calendar year, like e.g. follow-up on budgets, preparation of annual accounts, employee development interviews, board meetings, management and staff meetings, legal reviews, business plans, etc.

Often, an "annual wheel" is used to list the recurring tasks and help keep track of important activities and ensure that preparations can be made in good time. However, an annual wheel does not come with an automatic reminder, nor does it manage the documents and document related processes that comes along with it. Now, Next® can help you achieve that.

Adding a repeat event allows any employee to plan document related tasks well ahead, as well as ensuring that the task can be repeated - again and again - until no longer needed. And, the upcoming event will automatically generate a notification in the Next® Notification Center, reminding the employee of the pending task.

The planned events module comes as a standard feature with Next® Contracts, but repeat events can now also be applied to other types of business documents - e.g. plans, financial accounts, meeting agendas, sales terms & conditions, business plans, etc.

Planned events module in Next®

The business log

All process transactions are logged correspondingly in the business log.

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Repeat events with notifications in Next®


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