Background task

A task or process that runs in the background instead of tying up your workstation

To keep Next® fast and responsive for the everyday user, a number of long-running and resource demanding tasks are not allowed to tie up your workstation. Instead these tasks are submitted and processed in the background at a lower priority.

For the interested audience

Some background tasks are automatically initiated, others initiated by the Next® admin, and yet again others by the everyday user.

  • Notification monitor, is an automatically initiated and always running task that keeps everyone's up to date. 
  • Reclaim unused storage, is a housekeeping routine that the Next® admin will initiate periodically.
  • Export to Excel, is a task any user may invoke from a list of documents (or tasks) anywhere in Next®.

All three are background tasks, handling from anywhere between 0 and 100 million interactions with Next®.

Once a background task is being processed it will continue until the entire task is done. That's why a background task may run anywhere from 1 second to 1 month. If the Next® server is restarted during the processing of a background task, Next® will automatically resume the task.   


Language Translation Comments
US English
Don't mistake this for batch job. Very often batch jobs are run as , but other processes than batch jobs are also processed as a background task.  
Danish Baggrundsopgave