Batch job

When you manipulate many documents or other elements (a batch) in a single action. 

Whenever you use Next® for everyday work, you mostly deal with one document or one task at a time. Probably many documents and tasks in total but a few at a time.

Some times you deal with multiple documents and tasks. You select 5 expenses, and approve them in one go. Or select 3 invoices and share them with the customer by email.

If you want to process more than a handful of documents at a time - maybe export all of last week's invoices into Excel, or export all documents related to a customer into a single PDF - it's a batch job.

All batch jobs are available in the Next® Admin module, but many are also available to the everyday user. You find the icons to start such batch jobs below the list of documents (or tasks), because the batch job processes everything in the list. We call it list actions.    

To keep Next® fast and responsive, such batch jobs are run as background tasks.



Language Translation Comments
US English
Don't mistake this for background task. Very often batch jobs are run as background tasks, but a batch task is defined by it's nature, not the way it is processed. 
Danish Batchopgave