Document capture

A component or service that captures and archives documents in Next®

A document capture is a component in Next® that allows you to capture documents and document data in an easy, efficient, and standardized way. 

Next® Document Capture is a collection of dedicated connectors, that that provide the ability to capture documents from many different sources and secure them in Next®

Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, SAP, Business Central 365, KOFAX AP Essentials, Windows shared drive, and Windows desktop, are just a few of the possible applications.

How it works

A document capture is typically installed to connect with a specific document-generating solution -  scan solution, Multi-Function Printer, a Windows desktop, or as a capture to handle high-volume output from a specific business system.

Next® Document Capture can easily be set up for specific purposes

Once a document capture gets the documents, it has the responsibility to deliver them safely to Next®. Also if Next® is not available just now.