A digital (written, drawn, or recorded) representation of information

In Next® we store and process digital documents in their widest form. 

  • A scanned piece of paper
  • Word™ document
  • An Outlook™email
  • An XML invoice
  • A txt file
  • A construction drawing
  • A photographed image
  • A recorded conversation
  • A video

... or any combination of the above.

In Next® a document is a rather complex structure. It consists of multiple pieces of content (individual files or attachments), each of them in one or more representations (e.g. Word™, PDF, and png format). In addition to metadata describing each individual file, and the document as a whole. The entire document may even have several revisions if it has changed over time.


A document is much more than just a file

     When documents become even more complex than this  - i.e. a complete brochure with images, text, layout, and fonts - we call them Compound documents.