List action

An action that processes all elements in a list 

You find list actions below many lists in Next®. If you click a list action, it will process the entire list. Refresh is a simple list action. Export to Excel is a more complex list action. If you click Export to Excel, it will process all the documents (or tasks) you have in the list, and create an Excel document with the result.

The way to use it:

  1. select the relevant list (probably a search form)
  2. make the required selection (subset the list)
  3. click the list action.

Export to Excel will then tell you how many documents you have selected, and ask for your OK, before starting the export as a background task.   

Don't confuse list actions with right-click actions. Right-click actions only process the item (or items) you explicitly select. If you select 5 out of 50 invoices in a list, right-click and select Approve, only the 5 invoices will be approved.