An automatically created message to make you aware that something has happened in Next®

To make it easier and more efficient to work with Next®, Next® will automatically notify you whenever your attention is required. 

  • Export of 2.401 Sales invoices, by customer to Excel is done.
  • You have 32 invoices waiting for your approval.
  • Adrian Leon asked for a comment on an expense.  
  • Contract 80.126 - Office lease: Westfold 1201 - is up for renegotiation 

In the Notification center you can select exactly what notifications you wish to subscribe to. And how you would like to be notified - in the Notification center, by email, or later also by SMS. 

Get in control - get notified when and how it suites you

For the interested audience

Next® offers a huge array of notification services. As a Next® Admin you can define who can subscribe to what notifications. And also if some are mandatory. 

Customized notification of users in Next®

Set notification subscriptions                                                           

     Every time a new invoice arrives
     Daily status of your awaiting invoices
     Overdue invoices
     Weekly status of your awaiting invoices


Language Translation Comments
US English
Don't mistake this for Reminder or Scheduled task. A Reminder or a Scheduled task, may very well result in a notification.  
Danish Notifikation