A completely separated environment that runs independently from your Next® production environment

As a matter of precaution, we always recommend that you, in addition to running your Next® production environment, also have a separate environment to test out new releases and the setup of major new features. In Next® as a service - our cloud offering in Azure - this comes as a sandbox environment.

The sandbox environment is automatically kept up to date just as your production environment. If you mark your sandbox as "preview", it will get new all Next® releases 4 weeks ahead of the production environment.

The sandbox comes with some restrictions:

  • Cannot be used for production
  • May only be accessed by 10% of the licensed users
  • May only contain 10% of the data in your production environment
  • Runs on overcommitted hardware 
  • Is not covered by mirroring and backup 

Any data and configurations you have in your sandbox environments are of course your own responsibility.

Additional sandbox environments come with a cost.


You can find additional questions and answers on sandboxes here:


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