User group

A named collection of users in Next®

By grouping your users into named User groups, you can make the management of access permissions much easier and more secure. 

Instead of assigning permissions to each individual employee in the HR department, you assign them to the Human Ressource group.  Once and for all, you have defined what permissions come from being an employee in HR. Now only the exceptions have to be managed by individuals using their User ID.

Each user can be a member of as many User groups as you wish.

You may at the same time be in

  • Human Resource
  • Team leads
  • London office

and each group membership gives you access to a number of documents. 

If you have a corporate identity service (for instance Active Directory) in place, we recommend that you hook up Next® to this service, instead of managing your user profiles directly in Next®.  Your AD will typically map to what User groups you are a member of in Next®.  

We always recommend using permission on User groups and only assigning permissions to individuals as a last resort. As long as a User group has permission to access a document you can add new users to this group if people leave the company. If permissions are granted to individuals only, you have no options to get access.