User ID

A unique identification of user in Next®

Companies often have an internal best practice in place for naming users. If so, we encourage you to implement your best practice in Next®.

At Nextway, we use three characters user IDs based on initials. Others use full names, and others again email addresses. 

We do not encourage you to include a business unit in the user IDs. In Next® you cannot change a user ID but would have to delete and create a new one, in case they move from one business unit to another.

If you have a corporate identity service (Active Directory) in place, we recommend that you hook up Next® to this service, instead of managing your user profiles directly in Next®. And that you set up Single Sign On. This makes life at work easier for the users of Next® and increases the level of security in your company. 


Most Next® licenses are limited by the number of users.